Since our firm was started we have strived to make sure our clients are always happy and they are getting the maximum results they can out of their firm.  Many of our clients say that one of the things that makes our firm really different is that not only do we pride ourselves in exceeding our client's expectations when it comes to tax and accounting services, but that we?ve also been referred to the most personable accounting firm they've done business with!

We pride ourselves on being personable. Yes, we are experts in what we do. But we are also much more than that. We are knowledgeable accountants and we also pride ourselves as being the personable firm. At Tax and Business Solutions, we put people first. Accountants have a reputation for not being as personable as many professions... But we are accountants with real human personalities. And most of our clients enjoy working with us. They enjoy our visits together with them.. They do not look at it as a burden to come visit their accountant. We look at them as being friends and clients.

Not only do we have several dedicated employees that work for our firm, in multiple locations in the central Florida area, but we also use a network of outside experts. These experts are the top in their field. Anything that is outside of our area of focus, we have resources that we can go to that we collaborate with in order to service our clients.

We also have a system that our clients rave about that allows them to sleep better at night knowing that they will be protected. They will absolutely be represented by our firm before the IRS if that need ever arises. In that rare case, if a tax return that we prepared is audited, we have an option that we can build into your affordable monthly fee that includes audit protection. Our expertise will be there for you. We will be available to assist you in any sort of IRS inquiry or audit.

That is our guarantee to you!