IRS tax problems happen.  We can help to resolve your tax debt, delinquent tax, tax disputes and  back taxes. Our firm is experienced in providing effective tax solutions and representation. If you've received an IRS audit notice, the IRS currently has a lien or levy on your business or personal property,  you have back taxes or even if you are dealing with wage garnishment, we have the solutions to get you back on track.  We will also work to make sure any settlement options available to you are utilized to their fullest.

We are committed to finding a fair resolution to your IRS problems, we can assist with any of the services you need.  Don't let these get in the way of your life or business.  Let us help you clear the path to your financial freedom.

IRS Representation

These services include...

Respond to IRS Correspondence

Offer in Compromise 

Tax Lien assistance

IRS Levy assistance

And much more!