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Why You Can't Afford to Be Bad at Bookkeeping

Maintaining your books isn't something you should do solely as a tax-savings strategy; it can also prevent you from losing your sanity and getting dragged into a potential lawsuit over commingling your funds. Here are five significant reasons for maintaining a separate checkbook and set of books for each of your businesses:

7 Ways Your Taxes Will Change in 2020

Once you’re done breathing that sigh of relief after filing your taxes this year, it’s time to get right back to work preparing for the next tax season.

We’re already nearly one-third of the way through tax year 2019 — the one for which your return is due by April 2020. If you want to make the most of everything from tax deductions to tax-advantaged accounts this year, now is the time to learn the rules that will apply to your next return.


Take These Steps Now to Make the 2020 Tax Season Much Easier

The 2019 tax season is drawing to a close, and you're probably happy you can forget about taxes again for a whole year. But if you do that, you could be making next year's tax season more difficult for yourself. You may file a tax return only once a year, but taxes affect you year-round. .

3 Major Benefits of Updated Bookkeeping and Accounting Records

Last week in a discussion with a business coaching client, I asked if she had updated bookkeeping and accounting records that would help her make the best business decision for a big question about her business. “No,” she replied, she didn’t have updated books. Without them, any decision regarding product lines, pricing or customer capacity is just a guess!

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In the News: Your Happiness Affects Your Bottom Line

If a customer walks through your door, you’ve likely told yourself or your employees — put on your happy face. Well, we learned this week, you need to start saying — put on your happier face.

A new consumer survey found customers expect small businesses like yours to be friendlier than the big box store down the road. That’s right. They expect it.

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A Simple 6-Step Process to Starting a Small Business

A great small business always starts out as an idea, but you have to transform that idea into action. That’s where many individuals can start to feel overwhelmed. It’s understandable to freeze up at the deluge of things that are required to get a business started, but getting going is actually easier than you might think.

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