Business advising

If you are looking to start or recently created a new business, we can help guide you in the right direction of choosing the best entity and developing a solid business plan.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Are you struggling trying to manage your business and your books?  We offer bookkeeping services, budget development, financial statement preparation, and more.

IRS Representation

We will work directly with the IRS including audits, back taxes, levies, liens and more to help you obtain the best settlement available.

Consultation services

We offer a wide variety of consolation services to help make sure your business is streamlined and running smoothly and efficiently.

Quickbooks Desktop Services

Ever want to know how to get the most out of your Quickbooks?  We can help with all of your Quickbooks questions and needs!

We guarantee professional tax, accounting and advisory services with remarkable results. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our services and the effectiveness of our advice.  We provide services to individuals and businesses giving the same high level of attention to each and every client. The accounting, tax preparation, and advisory services we provide are tailored to the unique needs of each client

Tax preparation and planning

We offer tax preparation services to individuals and business for federal, state and local tax returns. We also offer year-round tax planning and consulting services to help minimize tax liability for greater tax savings.

We offer all of our clients the very best in:

What we do

Tax preparation and planning are a critical component for individual and business clients.  If you are an individual or business, we can develop tax strategies that take advantage of all available income tax laws and legislation to make sure you are getting the most you can.  Remember, we work for you not for the IRS. Many of our clients save much more than the fee in reduced tax liability through careful preparation and planning. 

With today's tax laws being so complex and confusing, preparing your own taxes can often leave you with more questions than answers.  It's easy to overlook things and not get the most you can for you or your business.  Our firm will cover every aspect of your personal and business finances to make sure you are getting the most you can.

IRS tax problems happen.  We can help to resolve your tax debt, delinquent tax, tax disputes and  back taxes. Our firm is experienced in providing effective tax solutions and representation. If you've received an IRS audit notice, the IRS currently has a lien or levy on your business or personal property,  you have back taxes or even if you are dealing with wage garnishment, we have the solutions to get you back on track.  We will also work to make sure any settlement options available to you are utilized to their fullest.

We are committed to finding a fair resolution to your IRS problems, we can assist with any of the services you need.  Don't let these get in the way of your life or business.  Let us help you clear the path to your financial freedom.

As we all know, Quickbooks is the leading accounting software right now for small businesses.  It can be a powerful tool in helping keep your business and financial records in good shape. It can also be quite complex and daunting at times to use.  Our firm has the experience and expertise to help train and educate you on it and it's use. 

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor will help train you or your staff how to use QuickBooks and it's features. We offer on-site training and ongoing support for questions and troubleshooting.  We can handle all technical aspects of the software as well.  Installing, error codes etc... are all handled quickly and efficiently with us.

Consultation Services

The steps involved with basic bookkeeping and accounting can be overwhelming depending on the size of your business and the number of transactions.  Timely financial statements are a must to obtain a clear picture of where you've been, where you're going, and how you'll get there.  All  the while you are also running your business.   Our accounting and bookkeeping services are hand tailored to fit your needs and schedule.  Utilizing the most current software and accounting practices we can make sure your books are always done right.

We can tackle long or short term accounting projects or needs and provide on-site support to resolve issues and concerns. You can depend on us for accounting  and bookkeeping services that fit your needs.  Our hand tailored services are perfect for your growing  businesses

Having an experienced CPA firm is a powerful tool in the success of any business. That's why we provide services that excel in every way possible.  When you become our client, not only will we get to know your business, but we will also take the time to get to know you. Having a business partner who understands you and the challenges you may face,  can offer real solutions that are customized to fit you and your business.  No matter what size your business is, our  firm always supplies top notch support and reliable advice.

We'll make sure to learn all we can about you and your busies so that we can create a package of services designed to fit your particular need.  We will continue to fine tune this package as your needs change and your business grows. With sound advice and reliable information you can be rest assured that your business is on the right track.

If your business ' running at its top performance, we have the outside perspective to identify problematic areas and develop a plan of action to implement improvements. We'll work with you to enhance or upgrade internal controls, eliminate unneeded expenses, increase cash flow, and fine-tune your operations. We will continue to adjust these things as your business grows to ensure you are maximizing your profits..

We know that businesses should always be measuring performance to avoid missing opportunities for expansion or wasting money on unnecessary expenses. With our firm we will do our best to make sure you aren't missing out on those opportunities and that your money is well spent.

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