A Family Business Story:

Building a multimillion dollar Dealership

James and his son Derrick MacKenney are specialty truck dealers. They have a dealership in Central Florida that specializes in high end custom pick-up trucks. They have been a client of mine for over 25 years and they are not only terrific clients, but we share a great friendship as well.When James first became my client, he was a small buy here, pay here car lot dealer. I helped James organize a tax and business plan and also get through a grueling state sales that audit. With our help, they used their excelling sales and business skills to drive up his sales and he is now one of the largest specialty truck lots in Florida.

"We will never leave Kyle as our CPA. He has been a crucial member in the advancement of my career and lowering my tax burden."

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Real life success stories!

Ruben's Story:

A Long-Distance Relationship that Actually works!

After a 20+ year career in Human Resources and Executive Search, Ruben founded Exodus Partners and co-founded Blue Rock Search. Ruben has been a client of mine from the very beginning, a terrific 20 plus year, long distance relationship.During his corporate career, Ruben held multiple senior level HR leadership roles across several well-known Fortune 500 organizations, inclusive of Ingersoll-Rand, Nabisco, & Pepsi. Ruben sought help from my firm with his business endeavors while living in Knoxville, Tennessee- where he resides to this day. Believe it or not, we have never physically met, yet he has confidence in my guidance and my 7-step plan.

The Sharkey's Story:

Skilled in many businesses and trades, masters at tax savings.

Bill and Peggy Sharkey have been devoted clients of mine for over 20 years. After selling a successful restaurant they built and ran, they were loving the retired life of traveling, but began to miss being in business. They currently own another restaurant with their son and have an amazing cash flow from rental real estate. They have had such success with my guidance and seven steps, that their son has placed his evolving business in my hands as well. I am now helping two generations of business owners get the most out of their taxes by formulating customized business strategies.